How Great PowerPoint Design Impacts Your Presentation

22 Aug, 2022 | Presentations العروض التقديمية

It’s super easy to underestimate the influence of PowerPoint design until you come across slides that instantly grab your attention. We’ve all sat through presentations of all kinds: the good, the dull, and the ones with visuals that make us sit up a little straighter. 

That is when we recognize that great presentation slide design has the potential to turn a simple PowerPoint presentation into a captivating experience for an audience. They make your message more compelling and serve your business presentations by elevating your brand identity. 

Why does PowerPoint design work? 

1 – It’s eye-catching. 

In the digital age, visuals are the first thing people often notice. That makes delivering information more effective when it is conveyed visually. Using engaging PowerPoint slide design evokes curiosity and turns quiet interest into an eagerness to learn more about your topic.  

2 – It’s effective.

Most people are visual learners, meaning that other than listening, your audience should be able to follow along through visual aids. Charts, graphs, timelines, images, and others are all excellent ways of incorporating a visual element that serves both an aesthetic and functional purpose into your presentation design. 

3 – It’s straightforward.

Your presentation will benefit from a super PowerPoint design that helps communicate your ideas more clearly. Personally, we don’t really pick up on information when it’s presented to us in a box of text. We do, however, remember when the material is represented in a cohesive visual representation that is easier to understand.

4 – It helps the presenter. 

Clear PowerPoint design cleans up the flow so that the presenter is able to craft a coherent narrative and presentation. When the presenter is able to respond accordingly to a visual cue in their presentation, it keeps them more focused and intentional as they speak.  

What are the effects of a great PowerPoint presentation design? 

1 – It makes a good impression.

There’s no need to emphasize the effect a powerful first impression can do for a business. Having business presentation slides that look good presents a cohesive and credible brand identity. So, solidify your presence with a killer visual representation of your brand identity to leave a strong impression on decision-makers in the audience. 

2 – It shows that you respect your audience.

Well, we know that you have prepared for your presentation, but how can your audience? PowerPoint design gives the impression that you put in effort for your presentation and therefore are a trusted source of information in your field. Any audience member can recognize a clean slide design as a sign of someone who knows what they’re talking about.

3 – It benefits your audience. 

One of main purposes of presentation design is to communicate information simply, and people retain information better when it is communicated in smaller pieces. When a PowerPoint is designed with the audience in mind, it’s tailored to their understanding and guarantees that they walk away having learned and understood your message.

Great, now where can we start? 

Now that we have you convinced, where does one begin creating a smooth presentation slide design? Well, for starters, having a clear-cut outline of your content gives you a starting point on how to organize your information. From there, you can effectively build engaging presentation slide designs around it. 

Keep in mind things like the color palette, images, and volume of text when creating your presentation slides. 

And of course, you could also always consult a PowerPoint presentation agency to help enhance your slide design by having a professional eye look it over. 

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