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The list of services that we offer, all tailored for your design requirements

Business Presentations
Business Presentations

Explain complex messages and concepts clearly in a way that cuts-through the noise.

Presentations are our core specialty and we have been creating visually stunning presentations for our clients for their top conferences, achievements, product reveals and their deliverables for their clients and partners

We can help you with: PowerPoint Presentations, Keynote Presentations, Google Slides and Prezi.

• Pitch Decks and Investment Presentations
• Sales Presentations
• Company Profiles
• Presentations for Management Consultants
• Conference Presentations

Branding & Visualisation
Branding & Visualisation

We help businesses project their true vision to the right audience in the right way.

Your brand is your story and what better way to tell a story than visually?

From logo design to visual identity development, we help businesses elevate their visual identities and brand strategies to help them achieve their business goals while effectively speaking to their audiences.

• Logo Design
• Brand Guidelines Development
• Web and Digital Branding

Web & App Design
Web & App Design

We develop websites that reflect the core of your digital strategy.

We make sure your website is designed and developed at the highest standards and at the creativity level that allows your brand to shine.

• Web design and development
• App design and development
• User Interface Design
• User Experience Design
• Landing Pages Design
• Conference Presentations

Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Strategies, content and designs that are up-to-date and result-driven.
We make sure to have your social media stand out and deliver on your marketing results.

Our visual production capabilities keep your brand up-to-date with the latest trends and developments.

Whether your business is offline, digital, B2C, or B2B focused, effective social media presence can substantially improve your marketing and sales results.

• Social Media Content Creation Services
• Community Management
• Advertising and Campaign Management
• Lead Generation Services
• Social Media for Events

Book & Report Design
Book & Report Design

From content to design, we create and develop a visual representation of your content

We help our clients craft their visual language to be aligned with their objectives while effectively reaching their audiences.

With world-class quality, high attention to detail, and the use of top data-visualization trends and tools, we ensure clarity and readability of information

• Annual Reports
• Financial Reports
• Books & Brochures
• Newsletters
• Posters

Infographic Designs
Infographic Designs

Simplify information and deliver engaging ideas to your audiences with our expertise.

We help businesses deliver and visualize their ideas effectively and clearly to highlight key information, numbers and details that matter.

• Static Infographics
• Animated Infographics
• Interactive Infographics

Video & Motion
Video & Motion

We create videos that drive results and boost your ROI.

Our video services help marketeers and businesses cut through the noise and boost marketing results and strategies.

In a matter of minutes or even seconds, we help you highlight your services and products, drive awareness, educate your audience with our top-class animations and experienced voice-over artists.

Our video and production services include:

• Explainer Videos
• Motion Graphics
• Videography and Photography
• Video Editing
• Animation
• 2D and 3D Animation
• 3D Projection Mapping
• Interactive Walls and Displays

Digital Marketing/SEO
Digital Marketing/SEO

We help your business excel and stand out in the digital realm.

Finding the right tactic for your business to not only grow, but to excel as well is the kind of approach we take.
Through a combination of strategy, analytics and creativity, we deliver on your marketing objectives and KPIs.

We help your brand leverage the power of Google and other search engines through organic and paid advertising to effectively connect with your searching audience

• Social media marketing
• Social media advertising
• Email marketing

Our Work

Crafted with passion and purpose, we've been fortunate to work with a great variety of clients from government entities, consultancy firms, to international brands

Our Clients

Clients that trust us with their image and voice

Why PrezLab

Around The Clock Coverage

We manage the when, where and how. Our services are available around the clock in different time zones

Distinct Design Talents

PrezLab’s team has amassed invaluable hands on experience and knowledge working with the most renowned entities regionally and internationally

Bilingual Design Capabilities

PrezLab team has multi-lingual design capabilities, our services cover design in English and Arabic languages at the highest quality standards

Highest Data Security Standards

PrezLab is ISO27001 Compliant, and adopts the
highest standards and technologies of keeping all
our partner data completely secured

Diverse Talents

A melting pot of creativity, different nationalities and mindsets adding unique design perceptive to each project

Our Insights

Check out our takes and insights on all that is design. from presentations, infographics, videos and more

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