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Animated Presentation

Celebrating global talent

A dynamic presentation was created for LinkedIn’s annual Talent Awards to honor customers who excelled in brand and community building. It was designed with a global audience in mind and inclusive elements were included to resonate with the wide range of viewers across three continents.



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Winning hearts and winning awards

To celebrate talents from all over the world, we incorporated a lively, diverse cast of characters to represent the audience. Also, using animation added an interactive and fluid quality to the slides.



By infusing the content with fun characters and clear categories, we were able to create a presentation that was both informative and enjoyable. With a peppy tone and charming visuals, we were able to connect with the audience and deliver a joyful and engaging experience.

Presentation Agency Dubai

Creative consistency

The characters, along with coordinating backgrounds and animated movements, added energy and verve to the presentation. And through these characters, we were able to craft a cohesive and engaging narrative that kept the audience involved.

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