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Illustrated Infographic

Sharing Ramadan Traditions

This engaging infographic dives into Ramadan traditions in the UAE and KSA, showcasing beloved dishes and common activities. It visualizes key statistics and fun facts, providing a glimpse into the holy month's celebration in these regions.

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Tailored for Appeal

In this infographic, data, illustrations, and designs are tailored to resonate with diverse markets and audiences. The content was visually appealing and culturally relevant to effectively engage with different demographics.


Character Design

For this project, there was a character design process that focused on customized illustrations to reflect the traditional dress of different cultures. This approach ensured that each character authentically represented its intended audience and brought their stories to life.

Cultural Design Elements

The infographic also incorporated intricate, subtle elements that add life to the design and a touch of culture. These elements were woven into the design to add visual interest and elevate the overall look.

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All data and key information in this project are either publicly available, or have been sanitized/altered for confidentiality purposes.


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