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Immersive Experience

Elm’s interactive display

An interactive, captivating experience was created for a GITEX display. It aimed to provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of Elm’s services and capabilities through modern, AI-powered design and immersive animation.

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Deconstructing Elm’s products

To guide visitors through Elm's products and stories, our process had a dual focus: immersive storytelling on the main screen and the navigational panel. Each product was then deconstructed into three main segments: its goal, added value, and how it works, which were mapped out through captivating storytelling and UI design.

Elm’s main screen was customized to grab the attention of passersby by showing a vision of a city that represents the future. It highlighted Elm’s tech services by bringing the vision to life through dynamic motion graphics.

The suspended screen was tailored to be cohesive with Elm’s brand, along with sound effects designed to boost the chances of visitors visiting the display, and 3D and immersive animation to increase user engagement.


Intuitive navigation for personalized journeys

The booth included vertical screens that featured customized and interactive icons. Inspired by the intuitive nature of UX design, the buttons made navigation simpler and user journeys more personalized and engaging.

The motion graphics incorporated AI-generated backgrounds to give the project a futuristic feel. Experimenting with technology was a fitting choice for the nature of the company’s objectives and created unique and compelling visuals.

Elm’s GITEX booth offered a captivating experience for attendees while showcasing its technologies and capabilities with original and immersive animations that brought its vision to life. This innovative project effectively conveyed Elm’s vision and engaged attendees and visitors.

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