Coca Cola: The Branding Strategy that Made a Difference

24 Aug, 2021 | Logo & Branding العلامة التجارية


Whether you are just daydreaming of one day creating your own brand (personal or business), or you are actually just starting up and getting your brand out there and into the world. Or maybe you have already reached your goal with your brand and became a multinational brand…. whichever level you are at, going back to basics is always, always best. 

Do You Really Know What Branding Is?

Our definition is: Your brand is your promise to your customer.

In a general sense, “your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.” All these factors fulfill a certain promise that your ideal customer can like, know and trust. The best brands trigger a certain emotion. It’s not always about the product or the service. 

If you think about it, Nike doesn’t market its product; It markets the emotion you get when you purchase its product. You feel empowered, energetic, unstoppable… etc. 

So, what’s your emotion?

Let’s however make one thing clearer. 


The logo represents the brand. The brand creates the experience.

Unlike products or services, brands can last forever; products, however, have a shelf life.  A brand is a promise. It is something to aspire to, or something we can outgrow. 

Consumers do not just buy products and services from a brand; they buy the image of the brand to create better versions of themselves. And at that point, the brand identity becomes part of theirs. 

3 Proven Ways Coca Cola Mastered Its Branding Strategy

Coca-Cola didn’t become a global brand overnight and it has had its share of marketing mistakes. However, its success offers a lot of insight into businesses looking to build a solid and successful brand.

1. Consistency is King

Consistency is King

Coming up with fresh marketing campaigns is of vital importance. However, within these different marketing campaigns, one clear, consistent message is always apparent; in the case of Coca-Cola, its brand is built on the idea of ‘enjoying a coke’. It is that one emotion you can count on them to show in any and every way they wanted, even as its product range changes and adapts to emerging trends. The company has maintained this script for branding through featuring happy people smiling broadly all throughout their content marketing efforts.

2. Brand over product

Brand over product

“One of the most successful ways in which Coca-Cola has marketed itself is that it puts the focus on the brand rather than its product. Coke is described as something that brings family and friends together, encourages sharing and brings happiness, rather than just a soda.”

Research highlights how beneficial this brand strategy is for global brands that have a variety of products (and services), and uses different packaging for different countries. Instead of going for a complicated marketing plan that focuses on products, Coca-Cola sells the lifestyle, the emotion, and the association of the brand that people can relate to. This ensures that the brand is universal and understood across all cultures and languages. What better concept to translate than the concept of happiness??

We understand that not all companies operate on a global scale like Coke, but they can still look at how to sell their brand as an experience rather than a product. Not only will this make your content creation and marketing efforts more focused, but it also ties the idea of consistency.  

3. Remain Relevant

Remain Relevant

Consistency does not walk this road alone; Relevance is its companion. Both go hand-in-hand, or else, Coca-Cola wouldn’t have been able to keep it up for over 100 years. 

“While Coke is built around the same positive experience as it was upon conception, it also remains modern and topical, making the most of popular culture to remain relevant.”

This is the best explanation of what Coca-Cola does to ensure consistency and relevance throughout their marketing: 

“However, the brand doesn’t simply take a popular subject and replicate it, Coke’s success comes from putting its own spin on a topic, while still maintaining the idea of it being all about sharing and happiness. Not only this, but it uses relevant trends from each of the countries it is present in, understanding that what is relevant for one culture may not be for others.”

The Importance of Branding in the 21st Century

This quote sums up our approach when it comes to branding in today’s world:

“No one cares about your brand. It is not loved. It is not important. It is not invited anywhere but to your company picnic. That is, unless you can make the brand relevant to people’s lives. To the way they understand things…No one cares about your brand unless you find a way to speak to why you care about it.”

Scott Goodson, Author of Uprising and Forbes Columnist

Over time, the concept of branding and the perception that was held by marketers over the years has changed. Earlier, it was used to solely differentiate the product or service from others in the market. While that remains one of the most important pillars in todays’ over-saturated markets, branding adds a set of personality traits to the products that is automatically positioned in the marketing according to what position the brand occupies in the minds of the target audience. 

Again: It’s no longer just about the product… It’s about the experience – the identity – the association. 

PrezLab’s Promise When it Comes to Branding

PrezLab's Promise When it Comes to Branding

PrezLab is a visual communication design firm and not your usual design agency because we care about telling your story through visual content. Your brand is your story. What better way to tell a story than visually?

From logo design to visual identity development, we help businesses elevate their visual identities and brand strategies to help them achieve their business goals while effectively speaking to their audiences.

Kicking this subject off with the basics, we decided to use this opportunity to explain to you how each individual service that we provide can help elevate your brand, one design element at a time. 

Let’s begin with a short preview of what we offer, and then throughout our blogging journey we will take you deeper into our design world:

Learn more about PrezLab’s branding services in Dubai and across the GCC.

1. PPT Design

Presentations are our core specialty and we have been creating visually stunning presentations for our clients for their top conferences, achievements, product reveals, and their deliverables for their clients and partners. 

2. Books and Report design:

Inline. Online. Bottom line. We craft your brand’s content from cover to cover and ensure 100% smooth flow and coverage of key information.

3. Social Media Management:

Strategies, content, and designs that are up-to-date and result-driven, we make sure to have your social media stand out and deliver on your marketing results.

We understand the pressure of standing out when it comes to an online presence. Whether your business is offline, online, B2B, or B2C our visual production capabilities keep your brand up-to-date with the latest trends and developments. 

4. Digital Marketing

Finding the right tactic for your business to not only grow but to excel as well is the kind of approach we take.

We encompass a wide range of strategies that form the backbone of a comprehensive digital approach to generating more leads for your business

5. Infographics Design

Visualizing data that converts and content that leaves an impact, and getting the right message across is the basis of design. That is what we do.

6. Motion Graphics

We don’t just tell your story. We show it. By creating an easier connection between your business and users.

We create videos that drive results and boost your ROI.

Our video services help marketers and businesses cut through the noise and boost marketing results and strategies.

In a matter of minutes or even seconds, we help you highlight your services and products, drive awareness, educate your audience with our top-class animations and experienced voice-over artists.

7. Web and App Development

We develop high-performing and intuitive web and app solutions that support business processes and serve users globally. 

At Prezlab, we’re all about incorporating creative storytelling into several forms, whether in presentation design, digital web design, or branding. You can learn more through the button below and reach out to us to discuss any inspiring ideas you want to be brought to life!

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