Infographic Basics: What, How and Why to Use Them

18 Jan, 2021 | Infographics الرسوم البيانية


What you will learn from this blog?


1. What are Infographics?

2. Important Thins to Consider when it comes to infographics design

3. 5 Reasons Why You Need Infographics

4. Types of Infographics: Importance & Effectiveness




“A great infographic is an instant revelation. It can compress time and space and can illuminate patterns in massive amounts of data. And it can make the abstract convincingly concrete.”


The most compelling infographic designs reveal certain overlooked variables in order to tell you something unexpected that will in turn, get you thinking. If you consider the alternative, the least effective ones confuse you (food pyramid), overwhelm you with data, or are just not too exciting to keep you engaged. So, let’s start with the basics:


What are Infographics?


Good thing it’s in the name! Infographics are a combination of graphic design, information and/or stats. They are the visually compelling communication medium that allows marketers specifically to present complex information that comes initially as ‘raw data’, and transforms it into captivating graphics that not only convey the right message, but also tells a story while doing so. And that’s the goal.


Now, what makes a good story great? That’s right…Emotion! Infographics have an emotional power that presents an idea, a relationship of some sort, or explains how something works in a quicker and more effective manner.


People respond to that. To get into a bit of specifics; “A persuasive infographic surprises the viewer. It moves them in some way and makes them want to keep looking at it or share it with others.”

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Important Things to Consider When Designing Infographics?


1- Be Simple.


The point is to condense a lot of data and design a visual solution to interpret it in smaller pieces of content. The concept of ‘less is more’ could not be more vital; as the design itself should allow the user to navigate easily around the information quickly, without being confused or overwhelmed.


2- Be Universal.


“Infographics can take on a language of their own by delivering information in an accessible way.” By creating designs that adapt to a universal language, it allows your message to resonate more with everyone.


3- Be Original.


In our world today, people, businesses and ideas have reached high potential of digital maturity and are still on the rise. Wanting to be a big fish in a small pond is the goal, but many question their ability to achieve it.


So, from a business standpoint; whether you choose to create a sales report, or marketing strategy, each infographic design should be original. But how can you do that if you’re placed in a big pond? You guessed it. Your brand.


Your brand is your voice. Its original… Through the creative use of color, proportion, fonts, images and text, the design will speak for itself as you maintain a cohesive aesthetic with the subject matter and brand image of your organization.


5 Reasons Why You Need Infographics


Did you take down notes yet?!


How about you put down your pen and paper, take a look at our infographic designs in this article so far, and scale yourself on how well you are able to remember the info given from (1) to (10).

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Types of Infographics: Importance & Effectiveness


1- Static Infographics



The typical static infographic includes images and text that don’t necessarily require user input and so they serve as fixed resources. An emphasis on illustration is another common characteristic.

Static infographics are ideal for:


  • High level explanation of a product, service, or issue.
  • Proving a straightforward and informative viewer experience.
  • Sharing on website, blogs, and various social media outlets


PrezLab: Static Infographic Work Sample


2- Animated Infographics



Over the last five years or so, infographics have become heavily relied upon as a device to present complex data in a refreshing and entertaining way.


But what was once a mostly static form of content has evolved dramatically to include animation and animated elements that help make ideas more easily interpretable and engaging.

The beauty of infographics has always been in the fact that they are shared and distributed easily across the social network that has taken the world by storm. Whether they’re GIFs or videos, animated infographics are intense visual pieces of content that are easy to consume and easily linked to.


Animated infographics are great for:


  • Highlighting what matters


  • Clarifying certain pieces of information


PrezLab: Animated Infographic Work Sample


3- Interactive Infographics



This type of information design is a superior form of static infographics. And it’s in the name too!

The data-rich visuals allow for more interesting data visualization, dynamism in the types of information that can be presented and greater user engagement.

The perk of utilizing animation as an element within the design process allows viewers to discover information on their own by scrolling, clicking, unfolding, panning and zooming over the infographic. In turn, these movements trigger the function within the design to display additional content. They’re a great way to capture your reader’s attention.

Interactive infographics are great for:

      • Visualizing large amounts of data


      • Deep dives into specific information without losing track of the bigger picture


      • Going beyond a passive viewing experience and engaging your audience through interaction


PrezLab: Interactive Infographic Work Sample



Simply put: “Infographics, especially those that use data to tell a story, offer a unique experience. They invite readers to explore that data and draw their own conclusions.”

We highly recommend you to make use of infographics to uplift your content marketing efforts and boost your business ROI. You’re able to create customized designs that tailor to your business objectives and you’ll notice their effectiveness and importance instantly.

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