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Video Marketing Trends for 2024: Riding the wave of innovation

Posted 2023-12-14
Video Marketing Trends for 2024: Riding the wave of innovation


In this article, we discuss the importance of video marketing, detailing various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, each requiring unique content styles. It highlights the trends we expect to see in video marketing in…... read more In this article, we discuss the importance of video marketing, detailing various platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn, each requiring unique content styles. It highlights the trends we expect to see in video marketing in 2024, including smartphone production, AI integration, and educational content, emphasizing authenticity and organic engagement over polished, professional commercials.

Every great marketer knows that if you haven’t hopped on the video marketing train by now, then you and your business are missing out! Once upon a time, the answer might have been a TV commercial that pulled at heartstrings or showing off a company’s results in a newspaper spread. But now every major and minor player is going for the one medium that’s perfectly tailored for human communication: online video!

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Online video comes in many different shapes and sizes. You have your vertical short-format videos on TikTok and Instagram, then there are widescreen long-format videos on channels like YouTube and LinkedIn. Before diving into the video trends for 2024, we need to understand which style and platform best suit your needs. So strap in for a wonderful read through the video marketing world.

The Platforms

All of these channels are perfect outlets for you to communicate with your community, but each platform demands its own tonality, approach, and style.


The oldest platform on this list and the king of long-form video content. Here is where you focus on storytelling; since it allows for a longer video format, you can get into detail about whatever topic you wish to discuss. You will also need to bump up your quality and make it look a bit cinematic. And finally, the thumbnails. If your thumbnails catch people’s attention, they’re more likely to click through to the video.


This is where we see the most diversity in content. The quality, length, and style are all varied, and you just have to find your place in it. The one thing that all TikToks have in common is authenticity. People who go on TikTok want to see real people. Try to keep it light and engaging, and don’t be afraid to jump on trends to increase your reach.


The app is all about aesthetics. Find yours and go crazy! Videos on Instagram are similar in concept to those on TikTok, but a little less raw and spontaneous and more touched up. This is the perfect place to showcase your company’s culture through your video marketing. Your team is full of interesting people; tell us about them! A quick, digestible piece of advice is another good idea.


It is the platform for networking and is excellent for reaching a B2B audience. Considering the nature of the platform, it’s better to be concise. Get to your point fast, and make sure that you’re either selling something or adding value. People value their time on LinkedIn and want to connect, learn, and grow as fast as possible.


The platform that has everyone, literally. Being the first social media platform comes with its perks, which include having the highest number of users. The platform’s age means that it will include a diverse range of audience members, from business owners to old classmates and distant relatives. While it may not be the best way to grow your business organically, ads on Facebook do perform very well. So make sure the videos that go here are talking about what you offer people.


Twitter, X, or whatever you want to call it, is the perfect place to get a conversation started, but not always ideal for B2B companies. However, consumers love to interact directly with the companies they consume. A perfect example is Wendy’s, who are always conversing with customers and showcasing their brand’s personality with mischief and humor.

Here are 5 hot video marketing trends for 2024:

Now enough about the platforms, let’s understand the trends that will shape your content strategy in the coming year:

1 – Smartphone production

“Just use your smartphone camera; you already have it.” – MKBHD

Fun fact: 90% of video consumption is on mobile! Another fun fact: almost all videos on the Prezlab Instagram feed are made using a smartphone. You don’t need a RED camera or a Sennheiser shotgun microphone to shoot good content. All you need is a smartphone, a well-lit room, and strong and valuable content. And if you get creative with editing, most people will be unable to tell what device you’re shooting on!

2 – Using AI

Artificial Intelligence has been mentioned in every news article, tech announcement, and even movies lately. And for good reason. AI is a tool that can easily elevate video marketing strategies with its assistance. If you’re creating videos, AI can help you with ideation, script writing, shooting, video editing, and everything in between.

Let us walk you through a typical video shoot and look at where you can plug in AI. Imagine you’re trying to create a video sharing some design tips. You can begin by sharing your ideas with ChatGPT to write a script. After you’ve tweaked that script to work for your tone of voice, you can record it, and then, using a captions app, have the captions cut and aligned with the video. Using AI, you can also add automatic on-screen captions, images, and emojis. Once you’re happy with the results, you can finally export and publish.

3 – Vlogs

Who doesn’t love a good vlog? A great step in making a brand seem more human is sharing talking head vlogs. It’s a great way to showcase your brand’s personality, build a deeper connection with your audience, and add value to the viewers. If you infuse that with your experiences with some “day in the life” or “behind the scenes” style videos, it will definitely make your viewers feel like they have an insight into how you work. Remember, authenticity wins hearts.

4 – Social media stories

The best way to get engagement on social platforms is through stories. Stories are as raw as it gets, and people love to see content that feels organic. Quick updates, teasers—maybe even ask your audience what they want to see from you. With the addition of question stickers, quizzes, polls, gifs, and a million other features, stories will have your audience hooked and always coming back for more. Plus, the added benefit that they disappear after 24 hours means that they won’t affect how your feed looks, so there’s a lot less to think about.

5 – Educational video content

The essential purpose behind video marketing is to create content that educates, entertains, and leaves your audience inspired. Shaping your videos around educational content that provides value to your audience by contributing to your brand’s niche keeps the audience coming back for more. And there are plenty of ways to do so. How-to videos, industry insights, tips, and tricks can leave your audience feeling enriched, inspired, and ready to jump into action!

A recurring theme you can see in all of the video marketing trends is organic content. Professional cinematic TV commercials are not the way to go on social media. As a presentation design agency, we know what it takes to effectively communicate with an audience: people want to see content that talks to them, not at them. If you’d like to see more tips and tricks on creating awesome content, be sure to follow us on Instagram. Let’s make 2024 an unforgettable year for content creation!