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ADAA GITEX Infographic

Visualizing a strategy

The aim was to provide a user-centric visual infographic solution to tell the story of the Abu Dhabi Government Digital Strategy. It presents its key projects and achievements across multiple pillars and under one visual ecosystem.

The animated visual solution allowed the Gitex audience to seamlessly understand how the Abu Dhabi Government Digital Strategy, in collaboration with all Abu Dhabi Government entities, was able to achieve its objectives through digital transformation projects and initiatives. All while bringing a high level of brand & visual communication awareness across the Abu Dhabi Government stand.

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Attention-grabbing design elements

Customized icons resembled the context and the objective of the project. These icons were created following the theme of the digital transformation journey and resulted in one comprehensive animated infographic that represented this journey. Multiple tones of blue were selected to grab attention while maintaining a straightforward, elegant overall look and feel.

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All data and key information in this project are either publicly available, or have been sanitized/altered for confidentiality purposes.


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