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Maximizing a personal online presence

A 360 digital campaign for Ismail Al-Hammadi, aimed at improving his online presence and showcasing his achievements and talents to a wider audience. The campaign involved a variety of elements, from rebuilding his website from scratch to creating engaging interview-style videos and social media posts.

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We created an inspiring video that showcased Ismail's story and values, capturing the essence of his personal brand and message. We strategically shared the video across multiple social media platforms. As a result, Ismail's audience engaged with the video in ways we could have never anticipated, connecting with him on a deeper level and building genuine relationships with his brand.

As part of our efforts to improve Ismail's online presence, we designed a visually appealing and user-friendly website that showcased his achievements and expertise. We worked closely with Ismail to identify his target audience and goals. The website included a bio section, a portfolio of his work, and a blog where he could share his thoughts and ideas.

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Maximizing Ismail's online reach

To ensure that Ismail's online presence remained strong, we developed a social media strategy that involved creating regular posts across various platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We used engaging copy and eye-catching visuals to encourage users to interact with his content, showcasing his achievements and expertise. Our approach helped Ismail reach a wider audience and build a more robust online community.

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