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Towards a better future

A comprehensive report designed to showcase the many lifepaths of an average Emirati family. The design prioritized representing the different circumstances, age groups, and other relevant demographics through clear-cut and color-coded data.

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The report handled several categories of information, so we used infographics to simplify and illustrate the data at hand. The report was brought to life with vivid and unambiguous designs that displayed the material in an interactive and straightforward way, utilizing several customized graphs, charts, and icons.

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Culturally conscious design

Several elements of the report were tailored to reflect the audience it was intended for and incorporated illustrations that represented Emirati culture and people. The emphasis was on designing families and the skylines of Emirati cities, as well as tailoring icons and borrowing visual elements from the region.

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Presentation Agency UAE
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All data and key information in this project are either publicly available, or have been sanitized/altered for confidentiality purposes.


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